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E&Chem Solution Co., Ltd. will become a company that chal-lenges new changes and strives to improve more advanced technology as the best company in the industry.

Since its establishment in 2007, E&Chem Solution Co., Ltd. has the technology for the removal process and adsorbent of harmful gases (moisture, hydrogen sulfde, ammonia, siloxane, etc.) contained in biogas generated from anaerobic digestion facilities and landflls. We are actively participating in the biogas energy conversion project, one of the government’s policies for converting waste into energy, and are expanding our business areas as a pre-treatment facility for anaerobic digestion facilities and a supplier of adsorbents. In addition, we are carrying out a waste recycling project to build a foundation for a resource-recycling society. In addition, we are researching and developing a new concept of high-level treatment and complex odors generated from environmental infrastructure, and are conducting research, technology devel-opment, and education and training on technologies and prod-ucts to improve the atmospheric environment through indus-try-university cooperation. We will do our best to become a leading environmental company through technological advancement and specialization for the future environment and energy business by demonstrating all our capabilities based on accumulated practical skills and experience without being complacent. We will become a com-pany that does the best for our customers. Thank you.

CEO Kim Shindong