Iron hydroxide-based arsenic adsorbent (MIRESORB) can be applied to various arsenic generating sites and has excellent physical adsorption performance compared to existing products of other companies and has a very good cost-effectiveness at 1/2 price.



MIRESORB® Overview

MIRESORB®, an arsenic and heavy metal adsorbent in the water quality of E&C Solution Co., Ltd., is a porous adsorbent manufactured based on iron hydroxide.

MIRESORB® is a product that guarantees performance through batch characteristics, column tests, on-site pilot test, and actual delievery. Compared to foreign products, the performance is equal or higher, and the price is 1/2 and the cost performance is very good.

miresorb image

Insoluble inorganic compound with no risk of elution

Performance assurance available in various EBCTs

Principal component : amorphous iron hydroxide(Fe(OH)3)

Specific surface area : 200~250m2/g

Grain size : Customization

Designable with packing factor

Arsenic(V) adsorption capacity: 1wt% or more

Adsorption capacity of heavy metals : 1wt% or more

MIRESORB® Arsenic Adsorption Principle
mire mechanism image

As arsenic removal mechanism using iron hydroxide is an adsorption principle, arsenic ions are physically adsorbed in the -OH group of the porous adsorbent.

MIRESORB® low-concentration arsenic removal column test
low-test image
low-test graph image

In the case of column experiments using actual mine drainage, adsorption performance is maintained even after 5,800 bed volume is removed.

Ref. : “Arsenic (V) Removal by an Adsorbent Material Derived from Acid Mine Drainage Sludge”, Applied Sciences(2021) Vol.11, No.1 47

MIRESORB® high-concentration arsenic removal column test
high-test image
high-test graph image

In the case of performance experiments using actual mine drainage, the AS(V) removal rate is maintained at 99% or more for 48 days. Sample : B mine drainage : Arsenic (V) contained (approximately 500ppb)

MIRESORB® low-concentration arsenic and zinc removal pilot test
arsenic image gyeongbook map image

Inflow raw water condition

Demonstration test capacity : 100ml/min

Arsenic (V) inflow concentration : 70 ~ 400 mg/L

Test bed size : 90L(Packed, 50L)

Raw water inflow method : Using a metering pump

raw water inflow site image installation image examination point image

Examination Point

anlaysis image

Arsenic removal efficiency analysis ICP-AES, 5110 SVDV, Agilent microscopic inorganic element analysis

raw water inflow site image
installation image
MIRESORB® Pilot-test results for low-concentration arsenic removal and zinc removal
arsenic remove graph

Arsenic(V) remove graph for Pilot-test

zinc remove graph

Zinc(II) removal graph for Pilot-test

MIRESORB® on-site application and delivery site
Arsenic and Heavy Metal Process in North Gyeongsang abandoned gold mine

A system that first deposits fresh water in a storage tank from the original source, and is transferred to an adsorption tank to absorb and drain arsenic and heavy metals

Raw water flows from the bottom through the water level difference and is designed from the bottom to the perforated tube, limestone, arsenic removal adsorbent, sandlayer.

site image_1 site image_2
site image_3 site image_4
MIRESORB® results of on-site application test operation

Arsenic removal inflow/outflow concentration

inflow/outflow graph image

As(V) Removal Plot

Zinc removal inflow/outflow concentration

inflow/outflow graph image

Zn Removal Plot