VOC's Removal System

A removal system that can reduce complex odors and secure clean air quality by applying to the VOC generating site through physical adsorption through the high specific surface area of activated carbon.


VOC's Removal System

VOC's removal principle

Physical adsorption purification through high specific surface area of activated carbon

It has excellent adsorption performance for mercaptans, hydrocarbons, organochlorine compounds, and aldehydes. So it absorbs the components contained in complex odor

voc principle image

Activated carbon physisorption principle

Types of Waste Plastic Generating VOC’s

VOC’s occurrence according to the type of plastic processed by the Pocheon’s company

Generating plastic table
Division Substance containing
PP Propane, Polymeric carbon compounds, etc.
PE Ethane, Polymeric carbon compounds, etc.
PS Styrene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene etc
ABS Butadiene, Styrene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene etc

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Flow Chart of Waste Plastic Recycling VOC’s Removal System
waste plastic image

VOC’s production by waste plastic pyrolysis

dehumidifying image

Dehumidifying equipment

intake image


de-voc image


atmosphere discharge image

Atmosphere discharge

When recycling waste plastics, VOC's generated by thermal decomposition are absorbed, high boiling point VOC's are removed from condensate through the dehumidification facility , and low boiling point VOC's are removed from the VOC's through an activated carbon tower and discharged to the atmosphere to secure clean air quality.

* VOC’s : Volatile Organic Compounds

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Qualitative analysis of plastic recycling heat process
gc-msmeasurement graph

GC-MS measurement results through hexane absorption method (Qualitative analysis)

components image

It mainly consists of the above components, and there are many other types of aromatic organic compounds.

Odor removal test for waste plastic recycling in Pocheon
phocheon test image gyenggi map image

Odor removal test for waste plastic recycling in Pocheon

Existing inflow conditions

Existing facility handing capacity : approximately 100 m3/min

Types of recycled plastics : PP, PE, PS , ABS etc

removal facility image

Existing VOC’s removal facility(30m3)

voc's fume image

Generation of large amounts of VOC’s fume

sequence image _mobile
sequence image_pc

Empirical test operating conditions Space velocity : 300 hr-1 / Residence time : 12 sec / Throughput : 500 L/min

VOC’s removal rate(Styrene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene) 100% removal (operating period : 60 days)

PILOT TEST VOC’s analysis results
result graph _mobile
result graph _ pc

Special note

- Manufacturer’s plastic throughput is not constant - unbalanced types of plastics


- Wide range of influent concentration according to througput - Regardless of the inflow concentration, the removal rate is 100%.