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Comprehensive Catalogue of E&Chem Solutions

Since its establishment in 2007, E&Chem Solutions has had technology for the removal of harmful gases (water, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, siloxane, etc.) and adsorbents contained in biogas from anaerobic digestion facilities and landfills. Our company is actively participating in the biogas energyization project, which is one of the government's policies for waste energy, and is expanding its business area as a supplier of pretreatment facilities and adsorbents for anaerobic digestion facilities. In addition, we are conducting a waste recycling project to build a foundation for a resource circulation society. In addition, we are continuing research, technology development, and education and training on technology products to improve the atmospheric environment through industry-academia cooperation and research and development of complex odors and high-level processing techniques in environmental infrastructure.

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Technology Promotion Catalog for E&C Solution

E&Chem Solution (CEO Kim Shin-dong), which has adsorption technology for hydrogen sulfide and siloxane removal in biogas, was established in 2007 and supplies adsorbents (DeHyS-250 and DeHys-250) to maximize the use of biogas for the success of renewable energy 3020 implementation. It supplies biogas pretreatment systems to domestic biogas facilities, and derives optimal processes and applies them to processes that produce biogas-derived urban gas, green hydrogen, and chemical raw materials. It has secured a patent for producing adsorbents for waste-derived biogas pretreatment, was approved by the National Institute of Environmental Research on August 27, 2020, and aims to minimize the cost of biogas pretreatment to provide economic feasibility.