Catalytic Desulfurization System

A system that removes hydrogen sulfide in gas through a chemical catalytic reaction without removing moisture even at high relative humidity through a desulfurization catalyst (CATALITE), a catalyst containing iron oxide.


Catalytic Desulfurization System

Iron oxide(Fe2O3)catalyst

catalite system image

Desulfurization Catalyst Reaction Mechanism

Iron oxide(Fe2O3)

3CO2 + 3H2S + H2O + 3O2 2CO2 + H2SO4 + 2S + H2CO3(CO32- + 2H+) + 2H2O

Schematic diagram of biogas production facility
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anaerobic digestion image

Anaerobic digestion

gas storage image

Gas storage

air injection image

Air injection

catalite image

Desulfurization catalyst process to remove hydrogen sulfide

heat exchange image

Heat exchange dehumidifier

boiler image

Gas Engine Power Boiler

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Hydrogen Sulfide(H2S) Desulfurization Catalyst Test I
Hydrogen sulfide table 1
Item Unit CATALITE® Remarks
Dilution drainage 3,000 wt% 30 or more Catalytic reaction experiment result criteria

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Experimental Conditions
experiment content image

H2S = 1,600 ~ 1,800 ppm

Flow rate : 50ml/min

O2 = 1 ~ 2% , O2

Space Velocity = 50 hr-1

Humidity : RH 100%

Contact time = 72 sec

Bed volume : 100ml (Capa. : 36g(60ml))

Hydrogen Sulfide(H2S) Desulfurization Catalyst Test II
removal efficiency image

Hydrogen sulfide removal efficiency by desulfurization catalyst

catalyst efficiency image

Desulfurization catalyst removal efficiency by oxygen inflow concentration

catalyst efficiency image

Detection of H2S less than 1ppm as a result of checking the detector tube

Biogas pretreatment site test results
byeolnae food waste clean image gyenggi map image

Byeolnae Food Waste Clean Center

Sewage treatment capacity : 275,000m3/day

Biogas generation: 8,000m3/day

· Hydrogen sulfide(H2S) : 5,000 ppm or more

Siloxane : around 50 ㎎/m3

Hydrogen Sulfide(H2S) Desulfurization Catalyst Test III
result image

Biogas Application: Production of biogas using boilers and incineration

Concentration of processed gas : 10 ppm or less of hydrogen sulfide

Sampling location : 1 front and 1 rear of test bed respectively

Conditions for field testing : 15L/min, Average hydrogen sulfide concentration (approximately 5,000 ppm), operating time (720 hr)

Air injection : 500 ml/min, inflow composition(CH4 60%/CO2 30%/H2S 0.5%/H2O 5%/O2 1%)

Goal : Hydrogen sulfide removal rate of 99% or higher (at 99.5% or higher)