Carbon dioxide adsorbent and process development

Development of carbon dioxide adsorption/separation materials derived from mine drainage sludge and development of VPSA process to contribute to the establishment of a carbon-neutral society and a hydrogen economy society by separating and capturing high purity carbon dioxide and methane.


Carbon dioxide adsorbent and process development

Carbon Dioxide Separation/Adsorption Overview
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Development of high-efficiency carbon dioxide adsorbent through inorganic waste recycling and carbon dioxide/methane separation technology applied to VPSA process

Carbon dioxide separation/adsorption material properties

Development of inorganic waste-based CO2 adsorbent

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Development of CO2 adsorbent

Utilization of iron-based mine waste generated from about 2,000 abandoned coal mines nationwide

High-efficiency carbon dioxide adsorbent high added value creation

Waste recycling Realization of a resource recycling society

VPSA technology development

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VPSA Flow Chart

Development of VPSA process optimization technology with lower energy requirements compared to other adsorption methods

High-purity methane production and carbon dioxide recovery/recycling ZERO carbon emission process

CO2 Separation/Adsorption Future Plans

1st year

R&D Goals

VPSA system basic design and LAB-SCALE scale operation

R&D contents

VPSA basic design and production of BED for adsorbent production

Material strength evaluation according to component composition

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2nd year

R&D Goals

0.1Nm3/min pilot-scale operation and adsorbent performance evaluation

R&D contents

Pilot plant design and equipment production for VPSA system establishment

Manufacturing and testing of bead-type adsorbents using a mixer

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3rd year

R&D Goals

2Nm3/min Demonstration plant operation and adsorbent optimization

R&D contents

VPSA demonstration plant production and operation

Optimization of adsorbent and establishment of mass production system

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4th year

R&D Goals

Demonstration facility economic evaluation and commercialization review

R&D contents

Achieve the final goal of R&D project

Derivation of operation results of VPSA system biogas separation system demonstration facility applying waste-derived adsorbent

Economic evaluation of demonstration facilities and review of commercialization

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